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  • Save Big on Cereal

    Save Big on Cereal

    In my household, cereal is much like candy, only better. It is commonly the most well-liked breakfast, although, really, we do not just eat it in the morning. Cereal also constitutes a great snack, since it generally has more nutrition than many traditional snacks. Cereal is also wonderful travel food. A little bit of cereal along for that car ride can settle the hungry tummies.

    One other thing about cereal is the fact that per ounce, it can be a pretty expensive food. Because of my family's cereal habits, I have been instructed to learn some ways in order to save big on cereal.

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    Cereal free of charge

    The very best price for cereal is when it is free. Believe it or not, it isn't difficult to find some cereal free of charge. This is actually the secret. Save all of those coupons for your cereal, and then apply them to the individual sized products. Many cereals are also made of cereal cups available individually. These cups usually sell for $1, but could be free together with your regular coupon. Target is generally a great source for this type of deal.

    Cereal for less

    What if you'll need a full-sized box of cereal? You are able to get it at a lower price in a couple of ways. Combine the sales, coupons while offering to clean up. For example, my store generally does a campaign every few weeks in which I can get $6 off after i buy four General Mills cereal boxes. I determine which General Mills cereals are on sale, after which I personally use coupons for them. Often I'm able to get my cereal for $1.50 or less a box. Check the Sunday inserts for coupons an internet-based for printable coupons.

    Another way to get the cornflakes for less is to check the supermarket discount or clearance rack. I have found holiday and special promotion cereal, such as a short time flavor, or with a slightly crushed box for $1 to $1.25 a box.

    Added by Samantha & Boynton on Fri, Jun 29th 2012